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Aims and Scope

ASK: Research and Methods is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes in diamond open access (no fees for authors). The journal is committed to promoting innovative research in the social, behavioral, psychological, pedagogical, economic and computer sciences. Our scope extends beyond traditional social sciences to embrace a more interdisciplinary perspective. We focus on the variety of methodologies pertinent to these fields, including, but not limited to, sampling, interviewing, observation, quantitative techniques, research ethics, data management and archiving, simulation studies, replication studies, instructional articles, research reports, and methods of cross-national comparisons.

Our journal invites diverse types of submissions:

  1. Theoretical papers that explore new methodological research developments.
  2. Papers which feature innovative applications of methodologies in research.
  3. Papers which provide learning/education modules on novel methods and techniques.
  4. Book and software reviews that examine the latest methods and techniques.
  5. Commentaries on technical or substantive research issues, methodology.
  6. Research reports that succinctly present the findings of research which could be of interest of social scientists.
  7. Review articles, including, but not limited to, systematic reviews and meta-analyzes.
  8. Presenting new or adapted measurement instruments, including validation and/or adaptation in different cultural contexts.
  9. Introductions to new software packages or programs in existing packages, including evaluation and/or examples of utility of new solutions for data analysis.

While our journal is inclusive in scope, we maintain a special interest in survey research, a methodological approach that offers unique insights into patterns of human behavior and societal trends. We encourage submissions that use this methodology in innovative ways to explore issues relevant to our fields of interest.

Why Submit to ASK?

  1. Interdisciplinary Scope: ASK welcomes contributions from various disciplines within the social, behavioral, psychological, pedagogical, economic and computer sciences. We are committed to publishing diverse methodologies and approaches, making our journal an ideal place for researchers who are pushing the boundaries of their fields.
  2. Variety of Submission Types: We appreciate different types of articles: theoretical, applied, pedagogical, book and software reviews, commentary articles, and research reports. This allows researchers to submit work that may not fit the traditional research article format.
  3. Rigorous Peer Review: We apply a double-blind peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of our published work. Our reviewers are experts in their fields, providing detailed and constructive feedback.
  4. Fast Review Process: We understand the importance of timely feedback and have a swift review process, offering a first decision within approximately 20 days from submission.
  5. Free Proofreading: To ensure the quality of our published material, we provide free proofreading services to accepted articles.
  6. Open Access Policy: ASK is committed to promoting a global knowledge exchange and follows an Open Access policy. Your research will be freely available to the public, promoting visibility and impact. We follow the “diamond” open access policy, which means we do not cover any fees from the authors, promoting equitable access to publication opportunities. Articles are published with CC BY-NC-ND license.
  7. Immediate DOI and Online First Initiative: With our Online First initiative, your article will be immediately available after acceptance and preparation for printing, even before the issue’s release. Each article will have a DOI number, enhancing its fundability.
  8. International Reach: ASK is an internationally recognized journal offering a platform for your research to reach a global audience. The journal is already indexed in DOAJ, ERIH, EBSCO, Ohio Knowledge Bank databases and is present in the Journal Comparison Service tool. We strive to be indexed in Scopus in the nearest future. 

We cordially invite all researchers engaged in methodological research in the social, behavioral, psychological, pedagogical, economic and computer sciences to consider ASK: Research and Methods as the home for their work!


Ask. Research & Methods is co-financed from the Polish budget funds under the program Rozwój czasopism naukowych in the ammount of 15,000 PLN.

The total amount of funding was 23,276.00 PLN.

The contract was signed in December 2022.


  • New Editor in Chief
    Prof. Artur Pokropek became the new Editor-in-Chief of Ask: Research & Methods.